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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 4, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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director of communications for governor paterson has resigned. also a meeting set to take place with african-american leaders who supported paterson, including the reverend al sharpton, holding an emergency meeting regarding whether they would continue to support governor paterson or push, like others, to have him resign. he's got 10 months left in office. more on that breaking news. for the first time we are hearing the 911 call following the death of that trainer at seaworld in orlando. forty-year-old dawn brancheau was dragged into the water tank last week and killed by the whale tilikum. the fellow employee called 911 and described what was happening seeming to be unaware of the gravity of the situation. >> we actually have a trainer in the water with one of our whales. the whales that they are not supposed to be in the water with. >> okay. >> so we don't know what's going on. we were just told to call and have people here on stand by when they get the person out. >> the thing so many people are
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talking about after hearing that tape, it seems they don't realize what was really happening, that the life of that trainer was in danger. >> reporter: tamron, you listen to the tape and it's eerie to hear the calm demeanor. it paints a different picture of colleagues trying to pull dawn brancheau out of the jaws of the killer whale. keep in mind, this happened just within a flash of time. right before that, home video we had before, dawn brancheau was playing around with tilikum, feeding him. as you can see, she was swishing her pony tail around. according to witnesses statements, the whale grabbed onto the pony tail and dragged her into the water. at that point, people were trying to get a handle on the emergency. >> the latest on the 9/11 calls released in that case. thank you, thanh. holding meetings with key democrats this afternoon one day
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after telling congress and the american people he wants health care passed and he wants it passed soon. a meeting with 11 house democrats started about a half hour ago. the meeting with leaders of the new democratic coalition, that's scheduled to begin a half hour from now. joining us with more on what all these meetings really mean is linda douglass, communications director for white house office of health care reform. so lynd ark, we heard the president say yesterday in a joking but serious fashion that really everything has been said about health care reform. he's made his plan quite clear. what are these meetings about today? >> well, you know, certainly there's a conversation that's been going on between the president and members of congress as they prepare to move forward on a plan that certainly does contain the best ideas of the democrats, of the republicans. it puts health care back in the control of consumers and away from the control of the insurance companies. it lowers their costs. it's the biggest middle class tax cut on health care in history. these are the kinds of things the president is going to be talking to the members about as
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they move forward to finish the work they have been doing all year long. >> when will that work be finished? we're hearing before the president goes on a long trip to indonesia, trip abroad. >> that is certainly the goal. the members have been working very hard over the year crafting this legislation that is going to crack down on the worst abuses of the insurance industry. they won't be able to discriminate against you because you have a pre-existing condition anymore. you'll have affordable options. you'll have options and choices just like members of congress do today. so what he's looking for now is to finally take that last step, you know, in the last few weeks. >> the last step rests in the hands of those in his party. i want to play what congressman stupak said on another program early this morning. he's not on the list of the people invited to meet with the president today. here is what he said. >> the bill that they are using as the vehicle is the senate bill. if you go to page 2,069 through
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page 2,078, you will find in there the federal government will directly subsidize abortions. >> if the president doesn't change the senate bill, you can't vote for it? >> no, we're not going to vote for this bill with that kind of language in there. >> so how does the president change the mind of congressman stupak and others who do not agree with the abortion language and who take issue with other things in the senate bill they say they can't swallow in the house version. >> i did hear that interview with stupak and he did say he wants to pass health care reform. we hope he's persuaded by giving consumers more power, lowering cost and power over insurance companies. >> he said the language specifically regarding borings in that bill, he says he's not going to vote for it, if that language is there. so he may like some of the things but he certainly is sticking to his beliefs regarding the language when it comes to abortions being covered
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by insurance. >> with respect to that issue, the president has been very clear that health insurance reform is not designed to change the status quo on abortion policy. there should be no federal funds used to fund abortions. that is the policy of today without certainly restricting the choices women have today. it's not changing the status quo on the abortion policy. that is the view the president has been committed to. that is the way the legislation appears to be moving forward. >> all right. linda douglass. greatly appreciate you joining us. communications director for white house office of health care reform. thank you. >> thank you. >> the new acting chairman of the house ways and means committee. he's taking over from democrat charlie rangel after an ethics committee last week. some members objected to pete stark. members were particularly concerned about stark's history
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of making controversial statements. now to the story triggering a lot of outrage and concern, children in the control tower at new york's kennedy airport actually directing pilots over the radio. now, we learned today that the air traffic controller who let his eight-year-old son direct planes on february 16th also allowed his daughter to do the very same thing the next day. >> jetblue 57 contact new york departure. >> jetblue 57. thank you. good day. >> that's the next generation of air traffic control going here. >> the air traffic controller involved is identified as glen duffy. he and his supervisor have been suspended. joining us from washington, an aviation safety expert. thanks for joining us, mike. >> hello, tamron. >> so what do you make of this, when you first heard the audio and circumstances, what was your reaction? >> well, first of all, i would not condone anything like this,
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because it is a matter of public perception. the image it creates particularly at a tower like the jfk tower. i could understand the outrage. however, from a perspective of the person who deals in the air traffic control system all the time and from my experiences in the faa, this safety factor in this particular instance is completely blown out of proportion. these kids are not taking over. it was a repeat of a clearance to take off and flight such and such contact departure under very, very close supervision. >> right. >> it's the voice of the controller just through somebody else in this particular instance. >> right. we know that the kids were parroting and just doing what their dead. something tom costello who covers aviation for nbc points out, you have pilots, for example, their first language is not english. suddenly they are directed out of the blue without notice from a child. while it may not have caused disruption within the control tower, you're a pilot, not
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expecting who hear a kid, with aeromexico, adios amigos line. you're not expecting that. >> look, if you speak to pilots, i think they are most likely going to agree this particular instance is completely blown out of proportion in this particular case. this is not to say that it should be condoned. not to say the national safety transportation board and department of transportation shouldn't come down hard on this or not. they are not only in the business of safety but public perception of safety and they have to come down on that side as well. listening to the particular facts, i think the safety implications of this are extremely hypothetical and overblown. >> okay. i think certainly your opinion is valued as you are one of the great experts in this. but you've got transportation secretary ray lahood talking this morning about the situation. i think we have what he had to
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say in the hearing earlier. >> i understand. he has to. the department of transportation is going to have to come down on the side of what most people would consider an outrage. it's perception that we're dealing with. whether they like to admit it or not, the faa deals not only with safety matters, they also deal with public perception matters. so i understand why he has to forably take that position. i probably would do the same. >> we know perception is reality. i think that's what we're dealing with. >> and reality is perception in this case. >> absolutely. i don't think anyone wants a kid in the control room. that's what i think. >> thank you, tamron. >> always good to see you. chairman of senate arms committee is raising red flags about one of the pentagon's most controversial contractors. senator carl levin said the pentagon should consider scrapping a potential $1 billion deal with the company formerly known as blackwater.
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there are serious questions about the conduct in a shooting incident that left two afghan civilians dead. he's calling on the justice department to investigate the army's $25 million contract with the company. and in baghdad, 17 people are dead after three separate bombings today. two were suicide attacks, the other was a roadside bomb at the entrance of the outdoor market. the attacks come as hundreds of thousands take part in early voting ahead of sunday's nationwide election. a record breaking turnout is expected. insurgents have repeatedly threatened to use violence to disrupt the elections. to new york where a mom accused of lying to fbi a little investigating a filed terror plot is expected to accept a plea deal this afternoon. the plot was called one of the most serious terror threats in the u.s. since 9/11. we're joined by justice correspondent pete williams with more. pete, what can you tell us? >> this is the case of ahmad af
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sooechlt ali. he had been used as an informant. when zazi came to new york, he told him he had been contacted by the fbi about zazi and advised him on things to say. when they questioned him. he's not involved in the plot, which the government said was to set off bombs in subways but instead lying to the fbi investigating the case. it's clear he'll plead guilty. the court website says his guilty plea is held up right now while they try to work out immigration issues. he's the child of afghani immigrants. the only question is when he'll plead guilty and under precisely what terms. he's due in court, at least his lawyers are, at 4:00 eastern time, tamron.
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>> thank you very much. an outrage in california over a sex offender charged now with killing a san diego teenager. people want to know how he was allowed to be out on the streets. and chaos unfolds after two giant waves hit a cruise ship. two people were actually killed in this. more on what happened. and the leaked memo and the strategy of fear. how the republican national committee planned to raise money by using a controversial image of the president. the one time r red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new wood-grilled lobster and shrimp with parmesan scampi... our succulent lobster lover's dream, with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails... and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and our freshly-baked cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest. right now at red lobster.
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we've got some developing stories we're following from the control room at msnbc. the first is we're getting more information on the resignation of governor david paterson's communications director. the communications director is the third person to flee, if you
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will, paterson's scandaled administration. he says he cannot continued administration plagued by scandals with the jobs of paterson and those he directed. apparently his testimony and e-mails were critical in the state charge that paterson illegally obtained world series tickets and lied about it. spokesperson for new york governor david paterson resigned saying he cannot continue in good conscious. arrested another afghan taliban leader. the arrest is the latest step in the crackdown of the movement there. officials say this another key arrest made regarding high ranking officials in the taliban. a republican national committee has not said yet whether it will make one of its top officials resign after disturbing fund-raising memo was made public. we have the memo for you. you can see it here. it includes caricatures.
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the president is depicted as the joker from batman. you see the evil empire, the caricature. nancy pelosi as cruela. the chairman had no knowledge of this memo and is denying all involvement, not stopping the democratic national committee from accusing republicans of fear mongering. a.b. studdard with the thank you for joining us. >> thank you, tamron. >> larger picture, how effective would something like this be for donors if it were not leaked out. >> that's an interesting call. i'm not a wealthy donor. >> but you know a lot of them. >> a las vegas fight or trip to an upper end winery and promises
2:18 pm
always of access i think have had an effect on partied abilities to garner donations from very rich, wealthy people and their supporters. it might have worked. obviously they are taking a very crass view of their own population of wealthy donors, who, by the way, have been very alienated from the national committee under the leadership of chairman steele. >> it mentions people like to give gifts and tchotchkes. i'm referring to the nature of it, having the president in the joker face. something we've seen banners carried by the tea party movement. the idea you have to save the country from socialism. obviously this person behind this thought that this would be something these donors would want to hear, that would get them fired up. >> right. obviously those pictures are very cynical, very inappropriate. it is not, though, fair to say the democrats didn't use the
2:19 pm
same -- fear to the same affect in a cynical way about bush and cheney during their years in office to try to raise money for their cause as well. they did so effectively. cheney was an especially good poster child for the democratic party, as you know, the democratic national committee. this is really embarrassing for the republican national committee. i don't know that it will affect house and senate candidates or gubernatorial candidates in the republican party but the republican national committee will really be damaged by the fact this they are losing wealthy donsers. >> what do we make the chairman knew nothing of this, did not sign off on it and there are calls for finance director who was behind this to resign. >> it might be the case michael steele had nothing to do with acknowledge. i don't know where michael bickert will resign. the recipients, under hale
2:20 pm
barbour, electing senate candidates and nrcc electing republican house candidates, they are the beneficiary of the fact that michael steele has largely raised money in his tenure from small donations. the wealthy donors say they have been ignored by him since he's become chairman of the rnc. that money isn't disappearing but going to other organizations in the republican party. >> a.b. studdard, thanks. good to see you. >> thanks, tamron. a businessman who just gave his 200 employees something very near and dear to him. just when you think maybe bosses don't care about the employees, this one will blow you away. bullets fly as police get into a shoot-out with a robbery suspect. more on what happened during this mom. good job, keep going !
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welcome back. very interesting story to report at a time when so many people laid off, 14 million americans out of work. you wonder how are businessing reaching out to maybe help those who once built those companies. there's a guy out there literally giving away his company. he's not just helping people keep the job, he's giving them the company. the company is bob's red mill natural foods. and bob is bob moore. he joins us now from portland, oregon. so happy to have you on, bob. thanks so much for joining us. >> well, thanks for asking me, tamron. it's a pleasure to be here. >> it's a pleasure having you. tell me a little about your company before we tell why you decided to give it to the employees. >> we have a natural foods company. we grind flour, make cereals, whole grain pancake mixes, all the good stuff that make people healthy. we've been in it for 35 years. >> obviously 35 years. that means you've put a little bit of time in this, a labor of
2:25 pm
love, something you worked very hard for. >> i have. i think i've got some of it figured out. it's always hard to know what you're going to do with it when you get old like i am. >> you look very young and you have a wonderful spirit. i understand you have 209 employees. >> that's about right. >> you decided to do something amazing. tell us what your decision was. >> well, of course, you keep getting older and you don't know what to do with a company when you've had people that have been with you for almost all their working life. the idea of selling your business, you never know what's going to happen. the media reports all the time companies being dissolved and sliced up because they have been purchased. i just couldn't let that happen. when i really got down to a serious idea of retiring, the idea of selling the business, it couldn't happen. i investigated -- actually i spent the last 10 years looking
2:26 pm
into employee stock ownership. it seemed like the right thing for us. i implemented that on my 81st birthday. >> first of all i can't believe you're 81. second of all, i can't believe you gave the company to your employees. what was their reaction when you told them, hey, i'm retiring but i'm giving you this company? >> in their reaction has been very positive. you realize now i've worked with these people for many, many years. in some cases all of their working life i've been working with them. we don't let people go, we keep them. when they are good, we want them. we do everything in our power. we have profit sharing, 401(k). programs that make it so that working for us is just the right thing for all of our people. their reaction to this would be i don't know how much more enthused than they already are. we'll see how it works out.
2:27 pm
>> after all those years of hard work, you just mentioned you're 81. what are you going to do after this? >> i have a fiduciary responsibility until this thing is paid off for several years. i elected myself president and i'm going to stay being president for a while longer, tamron. they are not going to get rid of me right away. >> with your generosity, they don't want to get rid of you. born, you're awesome and an absolute hero. thank you for coming on. >> it's a pleasure. >> happy 81st birthday. thousands protest tuition hikes. for a live report on the ongoing protest not just in california but across the country. later, teachers come under fire for black history month idea maybe gone wrong. it involves o.j. simpson, dennis rodman and rue paul. is it crossing the line?
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welcome back. telling employees to stay away from campus because of today's day of action demonstrations. across the country, thousands of students, parents and faculty are protesting budget cuts and tuition hikes at state universities. in fact in atlanta, a group of 2,000 gathered to protest there. and right now you see berkeley demonstrators on campus getting ready for a big march to rally in oakland. stephanie stanton following this all day long. she's live at berkeley. stephanie, what's the latest there? >> well, hello, tamron, before we get to berkeley, let's talk about uc santa cruz. i do want to update you on that situation. officials this morning did tell people to stay away from campus. things got a little dicey over there. about 100 students blocked campus. a driver affair volvo got into an altercation with students.
2:32 pm
the car was damaged. they sent out a statement. i want to show you that statement. behavior that degrades into violence, personal intimidation and disrespect for the rights of others is reprehensible and does nothing to aid efforts to restore funding to the university. these actions should cease. the crowd is starting to grow here. the protests so far are peaceful. demonstrators are blocking access to the campus. they have been doing that since 7:00 a.m. to noon. that's when the official rally gets under way. that rally expected to last an hour. then these protesters here will join other protesters. >> stephanie, we'll check back in with you. hopeful this stays peaceful as they try to make their point. you're looking at newly released dash-cam video showing police involved in a gunbattle
2:33 pm
with bank robbery suspect. it happened last fall in wisconsin. we're just getting the video. you can actually see the officers ducking to avoid getting shot. the robber was killed in this incredible shooting that was caught on that dash-cam video. again, just being released. food and relief supplies are finally making their way into the hands of survivors in chile today after the deadly earthquake. chile's military began delivering food and securing several areas from looters. at the same time powerful aftershocks continue to shake that region. and people in constitucion ran for their lives yesterday after a 6.1 magnitude after shock hit the area. many fled to higher ground, after it was reported falsely that there was a tsunami. a freak accident on a luxury mediterranean cruise ship has killed two people and 14 others were injured. waves up to 30-feet high slammed
2:34 pm
into the side of the ship. you can actually see from this incredible amateur video taken, the ship was on its way to ge a genoa, italy. michelle kosinski in london. michelle, it's amazing more people weren't hurt seriously when you look at that video. >> reporter: yeah, when you hear about this, you think, what does that look like and feel like to be slammed by a nearly 30 foot wall of water when you're on a boat and to have those big windows at the front of the ship. this is a full-sized cruise ship. the video tells you what it was like. you can see why they described it as terrifying. more than that, it was deadly. as you mentioned, two of the passengers died and there were some serious injuries. one woman in her 60s had two broken legs. the ship that was on its last leg of a mediterranean cruise was able to go back to barcelona and get those people have help.
2:35 pm
the mediterranean is usually calm but there was severe weather. 60-mile-an-hour winds. baltic sea, reports of some 50 ships trapped there in ice. that's the kind of winter europe has been having. these rogue waves, they are these monsters that just seem to rise up out of nowhere. the biggest one ever reported was 95 feet high. scientists have really only been studying them extensively within the last 15 years or so using satellite technology. what they found out is they are much more common than they originally thought. you might remember in 2005, there were two incidents, that semester at sea ship was hit by a 50-foot rogue wave in the pacific injuring some students and teachers. then just a couple months later, a cruise ship that was on its way home from the bahamas to new york was hit by a 70-foot rogue wave, tamron. >> all right.
2:36 pm
thank you very much, michelle. it's an incredible video and details from you. thank you very much. police want to know if the convicted sex offender charged with killing san diego teenager chelsea king is involved in alleged attacks of other people in california. john gardner pleaded not guilty to chelsea's murder. she disappeared a week ago. her body was found tuesday. police in california say they are investigating when john gardner is responsible for an attack on another teenager as well as the disappearance of a 14-year-old, amber dubois. this morning on "today," amber's father said he is worried she may, in fact, be a victim. >> both girls were 5'5", both girls 130 pounds. both white. both beautiful girls. the locations between the two, less than seven and a half miles between the two incidences. yeah, in the back of our head, we are kind of concerned there
2:37 pm
is a connection. >> nbc's janice brings us the latest. >> he's held in san diego jail without bond. we'll know more about the case at the preliminary hearing. it's a good example of the anger that exists in this community outside the courtroom yesterday. if that courtroom seated 120 people, there were another 100 outside. friends and family of chelsea king who wanted inside. they said they wanted to be there to look in the eye of the suspect as he said whether he was guilty or not guilty. we saw the incident yesterday with the gardner's home being spray painted with the words "move out." you can tell people here are very frustrated. they are very angry about what's happened. there are a lot of questions right now in terms of the rules regarding registered sexual
2:38 pm
offenders. and people in this community are still very much in a sense of shock. as for chelsea king, her family is now making funeral arrangements. those will be held within the next few days. however, the details have not been released. again, a preliminary hearing coming up in a couple of weeks as john gardner, the suspect in this case, could potentially face the death penalty. tamron, back to you. >> well, marie osmond will return to the stage the day after her son's funeral.'s courtney hazlet on assignment. good to have you on. so sad with marie osmond. >> i don't know how you couldn't be devastated that her son committed suicide. she and donnie have a long-running show at the flamingo hotel. it's surprising to learn that next week she'll be returning back to the show. you know, the nature of that
2:39 pm
show is fun and laughter and music. she's a deeply spiritual person. >> maybe that's what she needs, to get back -- >> she's always been a show must go on person. this will be a difficult time for her especially. >> you've got on your website some interesting buzz stories including this rumor that angelina jolie and johnny depp, the girlfriend doesn't want them working together. >> angelina jolie is so irresistible that johnny depp's longtime girlfriend is insisting she quit because of a love scene. as you know, angelina jolie has a history of stealing men in movies. brad pitt, they fell in love in her movie. laura dern was with billy bob thornton when she met him. the rest is her story. called her a puffy lip siren,
2:40 pm
feminine wiles will seduce any man. >> is johnny depp giving up the movie? >> no. right now they are still shooting. apparently there are reports angelina jolie and johnny depp were seen sharing a laugh together. >> scandalous. >> sharing a laugh. >> starts with a laugh, then you have children you're adopting together. >> what's next? >> this is something people are talking about. >> call her little lady gaga, baby gaga, i call it creepy. it's an eight-year-old girl named laura montana. this is a brazilian show called "what's your talent?" that's the english translation. she's singing and dancing to lady gaga. she's a little better with the hip movement that i'm comfortable with. even though it's not causing discomfort in brazil it is in the u.s. where it was picked up virally. >> she's doing gaga. >> paparazzi and bad romance.
2:41 pm
as we get further into the video there's significant hip shaking and gyrating. i'd rather see my eight-year-old do the hula hoop. >> this reminds me of the reality story of the beauty kids. >> it was just discovered yesterday and it's all over the place, like my hair. >> on that note, ryan, thank you very much. thank you for filling in for courtney. for the latest entertainment news, logon to between what she comes up with after the oscars and ryan we'll have a lot to talk to. tom haens will stop by "morning joe." he'll talk about politics and world war ii movie the pacific. the parents who traded sexual favors with their teenager daughter so they would not have to make a minivan
2:42 pm
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welcome back. an unthinkable story to report out of georgia. a home invasion, i'm sorry out of indiana. a 15-year-old helped an 18-year-old break into the home and tie up the orrin. when the son came home, the 15-year-old shot him, shot back. he died in the hospital. the suspect, older one, ran offer. police were able to arrest him and police have not charged the son. the story out of georgia, a couple is accused of allowing their 14-year-old daughter to have sex with a man in exchange
2:46 pm
for monthly payments on their minivan. police say the girl's parents made her have sex with the manager of a used car lot so the family would not have to make that $281 payment. the allegation surfaced after an investigation into the girl's welfare became an issue this summer. and at the top of the hour, house democrats are expected to vote on a $15 billion jobs bill. it already passed the senate last week and includes tax incentives for businesses to hire new workers. let's get more from nbc's luke russert on capitol hill. luke, give us a little bit more on this. >> reporter: well, tamron, the house is about to deliver president obama his firm major economic victory for 2010. that is another jobs bill. within this $15 billion contains money to help states with infrastructure spending, highway funds, buy america bonds. there's also funding in here that would give tax breaks for businesses to buy new equipment they need for manufacturing and who also hire new workers of it's interesting the house
2:47 pm
democrats were able to get to this appoint. there was controversy last week with members of congressional black caucus saying this bill did not do enough to help out impoverished folks in their districts. they were able to get within this legislation a guarantee that minority contractors would get a cut for funding for states transportation projects and infrastructure projects. blue dogs were also apprehensive about this legislation saying it was not paid for, did not follow paygo. they were upset, unveiled at 9:45 with john boehner saying it did not give american people nearly enough time to see what was in it. it passed senate with gop report. it will be interesting to see how many come on board for support when the leader said he was upset with timing about it. we've seen in the senate republicans do not want to be against jobs, like in 2009.
2:48 pm
luke loves to twitter. i twitter as well. you can let us know your thoughts on anything. twitter.msnbc decrease. on this jobs bill. the president meeting right now with house members, democrats on the way forward with health care reform. let us know what you think. also let us know what you think about the next story. teachers under fire using pictures of o.j. simpson, dennis rodman, even rupaul to commemorate back history month. did they cross the line? preparing for retirement can be complex. and with 7,000 boomers a day reaching retirement age, the need for help has never been greater.
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pref there's a lot going on. here are a few odd political stories we thought you should know today. i mean odd. here is the first one. an unexpected shoutout from jay-z while performing last night. the rap star wished a happy birthday to the child of a white house staffer he didn't even know. during the show, jay-z said, quote, i don't know where you are, but happy birthday. i just came from the white house and your pop works there.
2:52 pm
that sounds sincere. speaking of washington, d.c., there's a new battle brewing over burgers. a new vending machine on the hill actually dispenses cheeseburgers. roll call's emily decided to see how it stacked up against competition. she did a blind taste test. his expert opinion, you see with the shrug of the shoulders, nothing special. "new york times" claims while palin was in town, she and her people loaded up on freebies from the oscar gifting sweet. palin was supposed to donate $1700 along with the gift items from red cross but insisted she did not give up any of the swag. twenty people from her camp swarmed the event like locust. that's what they said. those are the odd political things we thought you should know. crossing the line? you tell me. who or what makes someone a
2:53 pm
hero. three los angeles elementary school teachers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into a decision they made for black history month which ended last week. teachers are accused of giving children portraits of o.j. simpson, dennis rodman and rupaul to carry in the black history month parade. the teachers, who are all white, are accused by some of mocking black heroes. the school was 90% latino. most were given more appropriate role model heroes like nelson mandela. some want the teachers fired for the choice of rupaul. quote, these are not the people we want our young people to emulate or believe this these people represent the best of the african-american community. it's hard for the naacp to believe this was a mistake. quotes one parents who was surprised to see them as black heroes. she said, quote, i kind of laughed at it. i wasn't offended. one parent noted in the story
2:54 pm
from the ap that simpson and rodman were great athletes before falling from grace and rupaul has an alternative lifestyle. which she thought it wasn't a big deal. crossing the line? you tell me. go to a lot have been voting on crossing the line. i'm curious how this turns out. thank you for joining us. that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. can you join me each day at 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. eastern. david shuster takes over. what do you have? >> we're watching the meeting david paterson started having a half an hour ago with senior staff. he's certainly in crisis mode. a third staff member quit today because of the ethics issue surrounding governor paterson, his obtaining a world series ticket illegally and allegedly lying about it. the latest on this story. we'll also talk with congressman john tanner, a democrat. he's part of our series so long capitol hill, explain why he is leaving. all that and so much more ahead after this. ♪
2:55 pm
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it is the top of the hour and here are the stories we're following. the white house says president obama will do whatever it takes to get the votes for health care reform. is that why president obama gave a judgeship to a moderate house democrat? we'll get the latest from the white house. plus the television dock drama about the kennedy family, we'll talk to someone who says it's outrageous and must be stopped. >> if we become self-sufficient we won't have to rely on outside resources to take care of us in an emergency situation. >> a louisiana sheriff said he's fearful of islamic extremists, so instead of asking for help he's start add militia with war wagons and machine guns.
2:59 pm
who is paying for this stuff. i'm david shuster. we've got a big show for you today. we'll start with breaking news involving embattled new york governor david paterson. this is video onin for us, the governor left with the mayor and breaking news involving his administration. the governor's top spokesman has designed. communications director peter kaufmann says he cannot in good conscious continue to serve. he's the third person to flee paterson's administration in the two weeks since allegations surfaced that the governor intervened in a domestic violence case involving a key aide. "the wall street journal" reports an emergency meeting is held with paterson's top staff. governor paterson has already said he will not run for re-election though he did vow to finish out his term. we'll be watching the story closely this hour and we'll bring you any new developments as


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